Grilled Rib Eye beef on lemon onion with hollandaise sauce, chips and baked cherry tomatoes – 74 zł
Roasted duck with Silesian dumplings and caramelized fruits – 68 zł
Pork chop with fried egg, potatoes and misery – 43 zł
Grilled chicken breast with chips and a bouquet of fresh vegetables – 42 zł
Beef burger with stewed onions, bacon and cheddar cheese with additives: fries, colesław salad and pepper salsa – 43 zł
Potato Rösti interspersed with homemade cottage cheese with crispy bacon and fried egg – 38 zł
Hunter's dumplings – fried or from water (6 pcs.) – 36 zł
Pancakes layered with spinach with red onion and feta (2 pcs.) – 38 zł
Green spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes, serrano ham, arugula and Parmesan flakes – 46 zł
Vegetable tagliatelle with pesto on grilled Romaine lettuce with balsamic sauce and roasted almonds – 34 zł

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